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Stama Co Ltd is a company established in 2004 as a wholesaler / distributor of FMCG, major World brands for food, confectionery, personal care & hygiene and domestic chemicals.

Head office and main warehouse is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria. Additionally we sell products from the biggest Bulgarian manufacturers of packed confectionery products and beverages. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional level of service along with the best price for the products we sell.

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Stama Co. Ltd

Tel: +359 885 661 300
Email: sales@stama.co ; Skype: stamabg.
Address: 6, Srebrostruy str., 1373 Sofia, Bulgaria

Krasimir Maznokov
Tel: +359 888 956 265
Email: k.maznokov@stama.co
Loreta Ivanova
Tel: +359 885 661 300
Email: l.ivanova@stama.co
Valentin Stanchev
Tel: +359 888 358 093
Email: v.stanchev@stama.co
Mihaela Taseva - Greek language
Tel: +359 885 663 100
Email: sales@stama.co